South Dakota

Randy, over bearing father, berates his son after a bad play 

Directed by Bruce Isacson  2009 Photo By  Piotr Redlinski


Last Kind Words

Bud, comes back to his home town  to work  on  his childhood rival’s farm..  

Directed by Kevin Barker  2010

Photo By Colin  Fugit


Yellow Rock

Roscoe makes a run for the money 

Directed by Nick Vallelonga  2010

Photo By Mike Skillsky

Geico Commercial

Man who lives under a Rock

Yellow Rock

Roscoe   plays  mandolin by the campfire .

Director Nick Vallelonga 2010


  Shot  in 2012.

Longbbaugh, a drug dealer, makes his final deal

Clay Wilcox and Neal McDonough

Directed by John Dahl